Friday, January 25, 2013

Life - Miss and Dance

Life - Miss and Dance

Just one of those funny moments that you sometimes have to catalog.  Near misses.

There's a street corner not far from my school, it's a really busy one.  It's the intersection of Renfrew and Grandview Highway, always a lot of traffic, doesn't matter what time it is.  Just past it is a railway, and sky-train station.  There are pedestrian crossings in all four directions, usually when I come down to the intersection I click both buttons, because eventually I need to cross in both directions.  I also always wear headphones when I walk, and the music is always cranked.

So the lights in front of me go red, and I'm just about to step out in the other direction as it turns to walk when I hesitate.  The bus that I sometimes take, comes barreling down to a stop three feet into the intersection, misses me by all of two feet.  If I would have taken that step, that could've been it right there.  I look inside and there's m usual lady bus driver, a young woman who shares a laugh with me, parodying as though she has no idea who is in control of a runaway bus.  And then realizes its her.

I laugh and give her the thumbs up, and scoot around the bus.  As I get out in front of it, on a perfect sunny Vancouver day I decide, spontaneously that maybe I'm going to cross the street dancing.

So I do.

That's just the way I am, in the corner of my eye I can see her laughing, and I've got a fun grin on my face too.  Not getting hit is a nice feeling.

But perking up someones day when you both realize it was a near miss?

Well that's nice too.