Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Game Design - CloudFight

Game Design - CloudFight

A couple of renders from the second UDK game level I'm making.  These are just rough renders of my layout done with blocks and quick extrudes in Google Sketchup

It's a neat little program, I'm glad I had a chance and opportunity to mess around with it.

Anyway Enjoy!

With the popularity of Morpheus as an arena battleground, Liandri knew they were on to something special.  Quietly they purchased several huge tracts of land on Taryd and began construction of a number of the tallest skyscrapers the moon-station has ever known.  Newly commissioned as a CTF arena, Cloudfight tests combatants on their reflexes, aim and overcoming a terrifying sense of vertigo.  The gates are open and glory awaits on the newest Tournament Arena.