Thursday, June 7, 2012

Undelivered - Watch

Undelivered: Scene - Watch

This is for you.

That’s your watch.

It's not really mine, my grandpa gave it to me.  He said to me once, “When you look up at the sun, this is how you tell the time.  With your shadow position there, and the horizon there, you will always know when  you are.”  And then...and then I said, but grandpa what about on a day when you can’t see the sun?  And so he gave me this watch.

I can’t take your grandpa’s watch-

You might think it’s a strange gift.  You have to wind it, every day.  At noon, when your shadow starts going the other way.  It’s like a chore that way, I guess.

Great, a watch that adds to my work.

I guess I just thought, it would be a nice thing that would remind you.  Remind you each time you wind it that I’ll be one day closer to home.

That is a nice thought Sam.  Alright.

Here.  Oh.  I’ll cut a notch in it just for you.  Here.  How's that?  That’ll be your notch, see this one is mine.

Thank you, for the...for the...

Thank you.