Friday, June 29, 2012

Dreams - Cat

Dreams - Cat

A curious dream that felt more like a memory.  I dreamt of a white cat that accompanied me everywhere, eyes of green and a sanguine languidity to her every motion.  We sat and talked for a long time, of dejection, and fresh fish.  We walked long through a jungle of concrete, abandoned and quiet, where mildew and rain were friends, where the shuffle of gravel and the calls of gulls the symphony of our motions. 

Sometimes... the cat, she would begin a speech in a grand manner, saying things like "I am of the opinion..." and other times, a simple gesture, paw held forward for silence would suffice.  Cat-like she tread a path that both led me, and was led.  Individual to her own designs, but with allowances for the pressures of my choices.  Where I would walk a boulevard, she might choose to stroll a fence alongside, where I picked my way across the freeway, she hopped from abandoned car, to abandoned car.

The places we went I could not describe, but they were both familiar of feeling and alien of sensation as ever I had known.  The cat was unperturbed, and easy company in this place that could not be.  An amiable companion as ever one could ask for.

We rested for an amount of time immeasurable.  Twice.

The first time, there was much silence between us, comforting but quiet.  As we stared at the dying embers of a forgotten world, blackening and charring away into nothingness.  I would and did wonder, if she thought the same as I, this silence between places and peoples.  Dust became my friend there, and I cloaked myself in it, but as ever, her white fur was pristine and unmarred. 

And once, nearing the end of our trials, she curled up on my shoulder and slept, tail wrapped around my neck and soft whiskers against me.  I dared naught to distress her; so delicately I made my way through the wreckage and crumble.  I thought that perhaps she might not have been truly asleep, that instead she longed for the physical comfort that pride would nary allow her to ask for, but had no way to confirm my suspicions.  So I climbed on, and she slumbered.

Until lo' we reached our destination, or if it were as much, it could not have been known.  But the road itself had run its course, and no more was to be found before us.  Deep waters before us and more open air than could be comprehended.  It was a place of possibilities, that.

And we watched the sun rise into wakefulness.