Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Undelivered - Steeple

Undelivered: Steeple

I remember clearly, we were walking alongside one of the tanks, and we heard that nose, that "Ping".  A sniper.  Somewhere.  I looked on ahead and above the town, there was the church, and a steeple.  And the captain, he looks at all of us lying down and he points at me.


And he points at it, you know the way they point with two fingers.  The way they point when they want you to do that.

And maybe I hesitated, or maybe he saw something in my eyes.  But he looked at me, lyin there wit' my rifle in my hands and he says, "It's a German church!  It doesn't count!"

So I nodded, and put a grenade over my rifle.

And that was that.

I blew up a church the guy.  But I shot a church.

I thought, when we walked by it, "God forgive me, I shot a church."

And then I thought to myself, "It don't's a German church."

And maybe that night, after the whole thing, I thought "God forgive me, for the second part of that.  Forgive me the second part...of that."