Friday, October 19, 2012

Writing - Opera Jumps

Writing - Opera Jumps

Could she hear it?  Outside the buzz, the crowd, the sounds and the feeling.  It permeated the senses, overrode the stone and concrete around them.  Somewhere far away, she knew that the orchestra was warming up, they would tune and re-tune.  Somewhere else a singer was warming up her vocals, others were moving around, checking paperwork, lights came on and disappeared, sounds erupted out of speakers.

She jumped.  Hopping anxiously from one foot to another, then springing with both feet planted as high as possible.  Everyone had a role to play, everyone in a moment to do a something that fit all the facets.  They played, blew, sang.  She moved.  So different, so alike.

Not alone though, never alone.

That was a piece of 2 minute writing I did tonight at the prompting of Her prompt: Opera jumps.