Friday, October 19, 2012

Writing - Hide and Seek

Writing - Hide and Seek

"Brian, come here."

There was just a tinge of hesitation on Brian's part, but dutifully he stood and set aside the laptop.  Walking over to where Amy was standing at the window.

"What is it?"

"That girl there.  What is she doing?"

He squinted.  There was a girl in a poofy blue jacket on the playground.  It was nearing to twilight but he could make her out clearly enough.  She was crouched beneath the slide, was she in pain?

"Is she alright?  There underneath the slide?"

There was no one around, at least as far as he could tell.  No parent or sibling, no playmates, the playground was deserted.

"It's like she's-"

Amy cut herself off as the girl jumped to her feet, squealing.  Her head thrown back she dashed up and instead now climbed the wooden planks higher and higher.  Inexplicably when she reached the highest point, again she crouched, waiting, watchful.

"Is there someone else there?"

"No-" Amy's voice hitched there, "no I don't think so."

They continued to watch, amazed.  The girl went through the motions two, three more times.  Leaping to her feet, finding a new position and hunkering down somewhere else, sometimes her tiny hands before her eyes as if to shield herself.

But she was alone.  Brian found himself mouthing the words.

She was so alone.  So very alone, on a windy grey day in an abandoned playground.

But somehow it looked as though she was surrounded on every side, from every angle by friends.

Brian wasn't sure when it happened, but Amy softly captured his hand.  And together they watched this little marvel, alone without a care, complete with friends of her own design.

Writing prompt from Ainsley, 7 minutes.  "Hide and Seek"