Saturday, October 20, 2012

Free Writing - Sound

Free Writing - Sound

Sound noise audio.  Audio.  A girl plays a flute.  Play.  Plays.  The sound of chimes, wind, wind chimes.  A soft breeze and the flood between silence and noise.  Noise.  A tone for contact, allegro, allegro brisk, quick, allegro, a flute, a girl plays a flute and there is contact  Contact, brief, brisk contact.  Contact.  A note, lilt, up, down.  On and on, staccato.  Brief, precise, noise.  Noise.  Static.  Harsh, broken, flaring up and down.  Noise, static, the sound of televisions on and off, blips, beeps, clicks.  Click.  Repeated, firing, fast, machine gun, clicks.  Clicking, sputtering, empty, dry, dry noise.  Sound.  Tempo.


Tempo.  Tempo, play, speed, speed and play, play on.  Tempo, largo, slow, largo, andante, andante walk, adagio slower, adagio walk slower move slower play slower, play con brio, con brio with style, with spirit.  Alla, with, alla zingaresee, zingarese, lively, wild.  Wildness, tempo into wildness and play, tempo a picere, tempo di valse, tempo, tempo into tune.  Tune.

Tune.  Music.  Drums.  Drums, rhythm.  Chest thumping, feet tapping, rhythm.  Drums, beat, dance, jive, dance move moving messing, messy, sound, noisy.  Explosions, dancing, free movement, freedom, expression, erratic, inspired, improved, free.  Freedom.  Restriction.  Precision, precise, play, notes, disciplined, precise, tone, tone and sharpness, sharpness, flat, flat, C flat, C flat doesn’t exist.  

Exist, noise, silence, nothing, absence, emptiness, black, silence.  Silence from noise, score, tiny, tiny noise, infinately small noise, distant noise, distanced noise, far, far away, position, disappear, reappear, somewhere else.  Moving, mesmerizing, circling, approaching.  Turn and arrive, disappear.  Leave, away, gone.

Noise, noise, noise noise of people, noise of cities, cars, speed, noise of movement, noise of living, noise.  Noise of walking, steps, heels, steps, boots, steps, shuffling, moving, moving walking, running, paws, feet, feet concrete, feet walking on concrete, water, puddles, splash, splish, splish-splash water falling, rain, sound of rain, drone, onward and onward, rain rushing water, streams, water, waterfall, falling water falling rain falling snow, silence.  Waves.  Waves crashing.  Waves breaking, breaking silence, crash, against water.  Silence.

Silence, speak speak speaking language talking words, words are air, words are places, words are people, are spaces.  Words between moments, words disappear, words, talking, speech, speech, language, languages, tilt, accent, lilt, accent, accent, words, accents.  Speak, talk to me, talk to each other, talk to one thing, talk to many things, talk to things that don’t talk back, rhetoric, speak.  Noise, Noise, speaking, speaking to fill silence, speaking over each other, noisy, a noisy room, can’t hear, can’t think, too loud, too much noise, too much speaking, voices, conversation, conversation between, conversation at, conversation to.  Language language, communicate, communication, yelling, shouting, whispering, laughing, onward, screaming, screaming, crying, sobbing, quiet, language, quiet, language, console, sorry, sorry, falling, silence.  Noise.