Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Writing - GreatPastaWars - Word Construction

Writing - GreatPastaWars - Word Construction

TheGreatPastaWars wrote this awesome little story on writingprompts.  The reading of it feels really repetitive in a sense, rhythmic, and then you recognize exactly why it feels that way, and it is a masterful construction of language.

Simply sublime.

Time. Not enough. One more day. Just one more day. I just need one more. Just give me one more day. Is that too much to ask for? I can’t stand thinking this is it. I won’t be able to see her again?

Please dear God, just give me one more day.

Just give me one more day to hold her close. Just give me one more day to hear her say “dad”. Just give me one more day to feel her hand in mine. Why did you give her to me just to take her away now? Why would you inflict her with cancer when she had barely lived her life?

She came into my life burning so bright, completely overtaking my heart and now this. Her flame is being extinguished forever and now I can’t seem to find a reason to live. Please just take my life instead of hers and let her live a full and complete life.

I hurriedly brushed away the tears as the doctors let me back into the room where she lay. I smiled at her and nestled in the bed next to her, squeezing her tight and kissed her forehead. I felt myself dying too as I held her, her head snuggled against my chest as I sang to her. I could feel her tears soaking my shirt and looked down and noticed that her hair was damp from my own. I didn’t bother wasting words telling her not to cry and instead just repeatedly told her how very much I loved her. She died in my arms and I held her until the doctors came in and told me that I had to let go. Eventually I found myself at home and came to realize that the only thing that could help was for me to see her again. I went to my nightstand and took out my gun, breathed deeply and held it against my head and whispered, “Baby, I’ll see you soon.”