Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wrap up - 2013

Wrap up - 2013

2013, a year of travel, of friends, art and hard work.  A lot more sunrises and sunsets then I usually see.  A lot more drawing, a lot more coding.  A lot of moments, a tremendous amount of fun.  A bit of sadness, a lot of truth.  Some difficulty, some hardship, and a lot of change.

It was a year of seeing more of the world, of shaking hands, of meeting people.  Of adding friends, saying hello, sharing jokes, and laughs, and beers under a cerulean sky.  It was a year of selfies with my peeps, of late night laughs with Kristi, Cole, Keith, Ben, Tessa, Eric and Amber.  It was a year of sampling bagels in another place.  It was a year of eating on the pier as seagulls wandered over to have a chat.  It was a year of standing arms open and waiting.

It was a year of hugging.  Of holding close and letting go.

2013 was a year of ravens, one flock outside my window.  One for silver, two for gold.  It was a year of building games and friendships, of eating cake at 4 am, of laughing and coding and singing disney songs at the tops of our lungs.  It was a year of bugs, and fixes, of music and sound effects.  It was t-shirts and food, controllers and big screens.  Of long speeches, and inspiration, working and stress.  It was a year of coming together behind ideas, about making great things from the glimmer of beginnings.

It's been a year of late night messages with Jenn.  Of early morning texts with Nicole about writing, and life.  Of tea in the kitchen with Patrick, of Denny's and Smaug Burgers, until the pre-dawn glow shows over the horizon.  Of computer parts and dust, and the sounds of fans and rain.  

It's a year of artistry, of drawing and painting.  A year where I am growing into myself.  Of writing, of thinking and creating, destroying.  A year of changing what I am, who I am, redefining myself, and staying true.

Of Staying True.

It's been a year of games, of Last of Us and Starbound, of To The Moon and Limbo.  Of League of Legends, and Civilization 5 until midnight.  Of chats and Pax and laughter and friends.  Of Cards Against Humanity.  Of raunchy jokes.  Of popping Mike once between the eyes, to turn around and getting clobbered by the hammer.   Of anime and Adam, and Rachel, and Dario.  Of Terence and guns and video games again, and trading cards.

A year of best friends, of late night chats, and walks to the grocery store.  Of too much cake, and spinnach and dip.  Of passing the controller, and futurama.  Of gym nights and stomach crunches, of sword swinging and shield bashing, kicking down doors and punching in faces.  Of rolling dice.  So many dice.  Of teamspeak and Kusinwolf, and Eaoss, and Onuma and Splunker.  Of good friends over the years through thick and thin, and the voices reach through the wires and they beckon onward.

It's been a year with some darkness.  Some depression, some suicide.  Some home sickness, for a home that will never be...because I make my home wherever I am and we all lose touch, just a little bit in the moments of our lives when we aren't there.  It's a year of some shadows that overstretch our lives wherever we go.  A little bit of injustice, and a little bit of sadness.  A year of letting people go, of being left behind, of walking away.  A year of some regret, for unspoken words that now we send up through smoke and wishes, in the breath of chill air with silence.

A year for missing others.  

For good memories on a train in Toronto.  Or riding shotgun in Albuquerque.  For missing dance and opera, and yet being a part of those worlds, thousands of kilometres away.  A year of near misses, and of ghostly spirits to haunt the wings together.  A year of encouragement.for all the different things we're doing, comprehensible and incomprehensible all.

It's been a year of injustice, and small miracles.  A year of fighting the good fight.  Fighting more and onwards, never relenting, never letting up.  Of standing ground and believing, of two fists wild swinging, pushing forward, moving.  Of dodging left and right, of shielding yourself and being quicker.  Of taking one on the chin once or twice.  But always remembering to pick yourself up and dust yourself off...then getting your guard up again.

A year for meeting again, and hugs, the kind that crack ribs and warm you from the inside out.  A year for kisses on the forehead.

A year for a few tears...shed in silence.

A year of small scares, and big scares, of getting older, and slower and gentler, but fiercer and sharper yet too.  A year of pushing harder, and trying to remember to take it easy.  Of getting older and dying a little more.

Of telling the story of a young woman whose story deserved to be told.  Because it was right.  Because she was a person who shouldn't be categorized, or objectified, or viewed as anything less than a person, of agency and freedom, of complexity and interest.  Because her story and the perception of her world deserves looking closer at.

It's been a year...2013.  Older, wiser, sharper, faster, onwards, more, always...moving more and upward.  Always.

The sun is setting, the final day of the year is fading into darkness...but come the morning on 2014.  I'm ready.

Who's with me?  We've got shit to do.  Come on 2014.  We're ready for you.