Thursday, December 26, 2013

Life - Taser 84 - Pick Yourself Up

Life - Taser84 - Pick Yourself Up

A brilliant encouraging post from Taser84 on Reddit in response to someone asking how not to feel like he wasted his 20s as he's about to turn 30.

OP, I was meant to answer this thread. I'm currently 29, and I too wasted my 20s. Realized it right when I turned 27, so I packed up my bags and moved from Texas to Philly hoping to make things right before I hit the big 3-0. Big plans I had, but guess what? Failed at 'em hard. Epic loser, no friends, nights burned away in front of a computer.

Fast forward, bout five months before my 29th, a girl dumped me. She was really something special, but I was clinging to her like white on rice. My salvation. Saving me from my boring life. Pushed her a away and when she ended it, I wallowed in my suck, in the abyss which was my life.

I'm nearly 30 now. FUCKING 30. I wasted my 20s. All of 'em. Just gone, and I don't know where. Video games, sleeping in, hulu, I just don't know. Maybe the break-up was my rock-bottom, but my loneliness made me do something that I had always wanted to do, but never had the courage for. I went to a bar, found a pretty girl, and said Hi.

7 months later. Quit smoking, put on that muscle I always wanted, climbed a fucking mountain, sprained my ankle rock climbing, made out with a girl in the middle of a bar (to the sound of applause no less), got into construction, started cooking (went full organic even), got back to making jigsaw puzzles again, invited friends over to play board games, got me some fly threads, and the list goes on. Some cool shit, some nerdy shit, some lame shit, but all of it my shit.

Here's my point. Your life is not a summation that ends with a score. Its not childhood + teens + 20s + 30s. Your life is what you are doing now. Were you the most awesome dude in the world in HS? Don't care if your a fucking loser now. Maybe you were a murderer in your teens, but what are you doing now? If your life is broken, find a way to fix it. This entire world, its a collection of tools with which you can tear down the life you had and build the one you want. Take your energy, your regrets, your passions, and all those fucks and use them to build the life you want.

For me, my time is now. The 30s are my 20s. I might be running a little behind the pack, but fuck if I'm going to let time and stigma stop me from having the fun I should have been having for the last 9 years.

Pick your ass up OP, we don't have time for this bullshit. There's work to be done.

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