Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hearing - Sound

Hearing - Sound

Sometimes when I close my eyes, in the silence of darkness...I can hear music.  It sounds like such a strange thing, but I think I can hear the life around me ebb and flow.  I hear the sounds of wind rushing past life, it cascades and swirls around my mind.  I can hear the breathing and the heartbeats of a million souls.  There is a kind of casual peace to them, a growth and reworking of hammer to anvil.

A friend of mine, is preparing to teach children soon.  One of the constraints on the position of her teaching is that she cannot touch on a number of subjects.  One of the constraints, is that she cannot teach instruments.  Singing is alright but there are no instruments permitted where she teaches.  She cannot even show them how to make maracas.  I wonder what music sounds like to them.

Do they hear it the same way I do?  Do they hear strands of creation in the vibrancy of tone?  Is it all just noise the way some things are?  Have they been taught to tune it out, that it has no worldly existence at all?

I wonder what they would think if the heard the things in my mind.

Sometimes at sunset, I can hear music.  A violin plays across the wind, just barely audible.  I shift the balance of my body to hear it better, straining and yet still.  I can hear it, my head tilts ever so slightly, imperceptibly towards it.  I nod and continue to listen to the people around me, overhear their conversations, consider their words.  But I hear.  I hear music.  Tone and song, it's so far away, quicksilver, mercurial.

What do you hear?