Saturday, August 4, 2012

Designs - The League of Assassins

The world is a changing place in the new 17th century. The burgeoning development of gunpowder is poised to alter the field tremendously. But when the full blood moon rises over Rome for a fated 3 days, shadows descend with steel. Against the backdrop of festivity, five guilds of Assassins from all across Europe will test one another in a trial of traps, subterfuge and blood. Up for grabs, held in the hand of the Master Assassin, is a contract which will change the course of history. The contract to kill King James I of England.

The year is 1604, and a War of Assassins has descended on Rome.

  • Non Serviam - Those who will not serve. An arm of assassins who refuse to bow to the church. Styling themselves after the words Lucifer uttered to Michael, the Non Serviam are fallen religious assassins who have turned heretical. The Non Serviam still adhere to a fairly strict code of ethics regarding assassination, and do not permit themselves poison or other ‘unsavoury’ means of killing. They prefer mechanical traps, subtlety and stealth.
  • Meurtrieur - Meurtrieur’s are French Assassins. The broad term translating Meurtrieur is of course directly murderers. But the Order of Meurtrieurs are a secretive organization of spies who work for the French crown. Absolved of the court, they are the whispered daggers in the night against both noble and commoner alike. Their calling card is to brand their victims, pre-mortus with a fleur on the forehead.
  • Son de Los Diablos - The Sons, as they are called, are a sect of Spanish Conquistador who went rogue from the Queen’s reach. When they arrived in the New World they disavowed themselves of affiliation to the mother nation, and instead embarked upon forming a deadly cabal of criminals who let nothing stop them from riches. The Sons pride themselves on intricate tattoo designs and a penchant for killing with needle-thin blades.
  • Voljo Ljudstva - Voljo, or the Will are a The voice of the Slovenian people. Taking it upon themselves to fight a war of caste, they are feared throughout Eastern Europe for their distinctive style with daylight killings on nobility. They are well known for descending from buildings to kill their marks, and for the ritualized masks they wear.
  • Praetorians - The Praetorians ironically take their name from the legendary bodyguards of the Roman Emperors of old. They more directly derive themselves from the Praetorians of legend who killed Pupienus and Balbinus, the 99 day Emperors. Praetorians, all male, consider themselves “king-killers” and take tremendous pride in their moniker. They are well-feared.