Sunday, April 10, 2016

Life - Dekay

Life - Dekay

The slow dekay of friendships into acquaintances, and from acquaintances into passing strangers. Where once you talked every day, and now are not fish to even wish each other good tidings. You both yearn for what was lost, but can't quite put your finger on when things started to break down so thoroughly. Only that they did. The passing of days and weeks into months and years, until you can't recall each others' faces anymore except what you see, carefully crafted and manipulated in digital print.

You can't be friends with everyone. You say to yourself. You rationalize. There are only so many hours in a day, so much energy and attention to spread around. And you do a damn good job with the friends you have. But maybe you yearn for the ease of what you once had. But maybe. But maybe...

But the decline runs through, and you see each other on the train. And instead of recognizing, you turn away and walk down the space between cars, and put your headphones back in.

It's easier to forget.