Sunday, April 17, 2016

Life - Car Accidents

Life - Car Accidents

Alright so I'm okay. Here's what happened.

I'm waiting at the crosswalk to go alongside No3 and cross the street, so not across the main street, but the side street. There's a turning light, wait for a minute, then it gives me the go so I start crossing.

Over my earbuds, I hear the roar of an engine as a car comes barreling down the sidestreet, to make a right turn onto No3 from the middle lane. I jump backwards out of the way and ALMOST get clear, except for my left knee, which just catches the guy's side mirror and smashes it right clear of the housing. It's dangling by wires. He slams on the brakes, the car making a right onto the sidestreet blares on the horn, everyone slows down.

The guy gets out of his car, I get up off the pavement. He starts yelling AT me from his driver side. I start yelling at HIM from his passenger side. It's just a full on street screaming match back and forth.

Then the crazy. This old Chinese woman, like 70 years old, who was on the corner behind me to cross, is now standing off to my left by his trunk, HITTING his car with her cane, screaming at him in Chinese.

I stand there just in shock. Then, he suddenly starts coming around the back of the car to stop her.

Suddenly, I don't even know how, I drop my bag and come rushing around the car right at him. I'm inches away from him and I have both fists up and roar at him "If you touch her, I'll cut your fucking face off". He backpedals and then runs back to his seat and peels away. I note letters of his licence plate.

I sit down on the curb next to my bag, and my knee hurts. Adrenaline starts to wear off and I think to write down the license plate I remember. The lady walks over, she smiles at me, ruffles my hair and takes my hands. Into it she presses a small wrapped ball of Mochi.

Then she says "You should have killed him." And proceeds to walk off down the crosswalk.

So long story short, I have a bruise on my knee, it's a little stiff, we'll see what happens tomorrow. My awesome cargo shorts are a bit scuffed, and I have a ball of mochi.