Monday, October 19, 2015

Politics - Voting Day

Politics - Voting Day

I have returned from voting. I have no selfie picture to show you, instead: I received my ballot and went behind the screen, then took a moment to observe it, and realized that it had been marked already. Concerned I took the ballot back to my polling volunteer and showed him. He immediately agreed and provided me a new ballot, destroying the old one. I took that one behind the screen and again observed the same markings. Both ballots had been marked under the Conservative candidate's name, Alice Wong.

I was suspicious and returned, a number of us checked through the unmarked ballots and discovered that every ballot in their small book (Perhaps a dozen ballots) had been similarly marked. His partner noted that the markings were not exactly in the bubble, and thusly should not count.

I said to him then: "Let us not be lazy in the defence of democracy. The books cost nothing. Get another one, and there will be no confusion."

They produced a new book of ballots, I received an unmarked one, and exercised my civic duty.

It's raining in Richmond right now, but I feel good.

Get out there and vote friends. And be vigilant. Don't let your voice be taken from you.