Friday, October 9, 2015

Politics - Statistics

Politics - Statistics

Yesterday I wrote a lengthy blog article that was closely researched for the purposes of discussion and dissecting the current Canadian government (namely the Harper government). Stats 24 hours later:

There have been 243 unique visitors to the article.
46% of which are Canadian
22% of which are German
17% of which are American
The remaining percentage are from a combination of France, the UK, Russia, Portugal, Brazil, China, New Zealand, South Africa, Bulgaria and Argentina.

The average visit length is 2:45. The shortest is just under 1 minute (which I think is probably too short to fully read the article), the longest is just over 8:00.

15% of readers bounce down to the prior article, a piece of writing.

73% of visitors come from some sort of facebook redirection or linkage.
26% of visitors come from twitter
1% of visitors (2 people) came from somewhere else, most likely a bookmark.

The article has been shared 6 times on Facebook.
Retweeted once on twitter.

There have been no comments on the blog itself.

About two dozen comments on facebook. (None on my own original posting, only a few likes. Comments are on subsequent shares.)

No comments on twitter.