Saturday, February 14, 2015

Life - Valentines

Life - Valentines

"So what did you do today?"

What did I do?

I played 8 hours of Diablo 3, spread out into intervals, Over 24 hours since season 2 launched I raced a character all the way up to 70 alone.  A reasonably impressive feat I think.

I also made myself an omelette, spinach, arugula, chorizo and an excellent, sharp British Leicester cheddar.

I took a walk in the sun for about an hour.

I hung out with a buddy of mine for 3 hours while he hunted monsters.

I wrote four pages of music for a piano composition that I'm thinking about.

Watched a documentary about sustainability, sushi and the bluefin tuna.

I wrote a triptych scene for the first time for a game I'm making.  Each part of the triptych is a similar scene but done in a radically different writing style.

I sorted a stack of about 90 cards by colour and playability for my next tournament.

Chatted with a friend from Romania.

Did a small, 4 inch by 4 inch watercolour painting for a friend's birthday.

Got a bag of popcorn from my sister from Seattle, it's my favourite.

"Oh. didn't..."

Have a casual sexual hookup with another mid-twenty something celebrating an arbitrary day in February revolving around pink red and white?


I'm not even bitter. Today was a good day.