Monday, February 2, 2015

Life - Don't Click Send

Life - Don't Click Send

I had a window open to message you.  Technology is funny that way.  I never wrote anything, but there's a window open for it.

I'm working, watching code spiral through and numbers dance the screen.  An almost...a not notification.  You're typing something to me.  And then you decide not to, and it disappears.  Four times it happens.  I watch it the same way I watch my debug windows and wonder.  It appears again, you're typing.  And it disappears as you delete whatever it was you wanted to say.

I wonder what you wrote.  I wonder what you wanted to say and didn't.  What you wanted to say and couldn't.

I don't type anything, just think in the darkness to myself.

I guess we had nothing to send one another anyway.