Thursday, September 11, 2014

Writing - Hermione, Daughter of Dentists

Writing - Hermione, Daughter of Dentists

Written by Lion of Gryffindor.

My God, just think about her for a second.

She was so different than anyone she knew. She was magical and she didn't know it. How horribly terrifying must it have been to grow up knowing there was something inside of you and not being able to give it a name? To know things happened when you were around but not know why or how. How many books she must have read just trying to find an answer.

And then someone comes and tells you why. Tells you there is this whole other world out there that you belong to. And what you can do and be is nearly limitless. How good must that have felt to know what you felt and did had a name?

And then to leave, to leave your parents and your friends and all you knew to go alone onto that train. How much courage must that have taken? How much bravery to step into the utterly unknown? She wasn't just leaving her family she was leaving her world behind. How must it have felt to know that would never totally be your home again?

And then to go for 6 years on this adventures where you are saving the world, both magical and muggle. And you can't express that to your parents, the people that brought you into this world, because how could they possibly understand? How could they know the terror and the pain and the sense of responsibility? But still she kept on, reading and doing homework and saving the world.

But what else could she do? She was fighting for her parents and her friends back home and herself. Because she was born to muggles. Muggles she sent away, no matter how much it broke her heart. She took them from herself just to make sure they were safe. She took herself from their minds because she knew. She knew if the other side won, if they won she was dead. She was dead and it wouldn't matter if her heart kept beating or not, she was dead. And she suffered so greatly during the war. At the hands of a witch that maybe in another life she could have learned from, such skill was locked in that demented head.

And after it was done, what did she do? Did she go back to the muggle world and shy away from a world that tried to kill her? Oh course not. She rose up and became the Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (at least). She became the second in command of the single largest department in the whole of Wizarding Britain. She rose up and made sure the fight she helped win would never have to be fought again.

She was born the daughter of dentists and she became one of the single greatest forces in the wizarding world.