Friday, July 12, 2013

Game Design - Rising

Game Design - Rising

Tonight our team of 5, Mike, Noah, Adam, Izzy and Myself are participating in a 48 hour game jam.  Over the course of 48 hours we will make a game featuring a strong female protagonist.  This is my first pass at writing the game story, done in the last two hours with a bunch of research and design, hopefully about to unfurl in a wonderful way.

Life is an adventure and we're embarking on it right now!

Character: Cayce

Scene 1

In the year 3058 the world is pocked with the hive cities of humanity.

The Conglomerate governs every action, every thought, every dream, there are no emotions and the once-shells of humans move from task to task, without the free will enough to cry.

On May 23rd, the Conglomerate crushes the Underground, a resistance movement dedicated to usurping the autocratic regime.  Before the fire of the Conglomerate hunter-killers, one woman escapes with a precious relic.

Climb Cayce.

Scene 2

Cayce, a young woman of 27 is ascending to the top of the skyline overlooking Neo-Vancouver.

The Conglomerate will spare no expense to bring her down, for what she holds is more important than anything else for a thousand-kilometre radius.  The sound of repulsor engines interrupts the monotone city drone, the search begins as Cayce goes ever higher into the sky.

Scene 3

The pinnacle of the Living Tower awaits Cayce finally, an Artificial Sol is poised to rise to the North, and the moment will never be more perfect.

In her hands, a Thought Engine.  A mental repository of 12 days worth of stifled human emotion.  A hundred million souls’ thoughts, dreams, contained in a tiny orb.

If she can release it from the highest point, every stolen moment will be released into the human consciousness, and maybe...just maybe the tipping point of the shared memory will fall back into where we remember being alive.

Climb on Cayce, our dreams of tomorrow go with you.