Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dusters - Erasure

Dusters - Erasure

I would've liked to have known more.

It was interesting in the silence, around the rise and fall of my own heartbeat, the sort of sublime elegance in the flakes of rusty dust to have realized that moment.  I would have liked to have known more, to have seen more, done more, been more places, said more words, to know.  More.

I could feel her behind me, silent feet stirring up the ash and flecks, there was a causality to her movements, a sort of twinged, predatory hunger.

She broke the silence.

"Do you have any final words?"

I looked at her then, steel and ice, and realized I knew her not at all in that moment.  She had become another thing, a different thing and I understood.  I was not exactly afraid, but nor was there any anxiety, it was as though all things had settled, and I felt balanced.

"I never saw a sunrise."

She scoffed then, "You saw plenty, on many different worlds and from many different places"

"No.  I think I never really saw one."  And that was a truth.

I bowed my head, and closed my eyes.

The rapport of the gun was strangely quiet, and I knew, but did not feel the world move into darkness.