Sunday, June 9, 2013

invertedFall - Digital Painting

invertedFall - Digital Painting

Quick digital painting I threw together that will form the basis of my Front End assignment over the next two weeks.  It's for invertedFall, one of the games I'm actively working on.

Speed painted this underlay for the background, mostly water colors on canvas.

Added a tree, done in monotone and mostly a high saturation grey.

Made a silhouette of a girl I found on the internet, added a clipping mask and then painted her with pink oil paints.

Added text, and a grey wash of water colors to make them a little more interesting.

Added the tiniest touch up of a gradient blue/white rain over the whole image, I think it gives a little bit more motion to the entire painting.

Two really quick variations on the earlier design:

This one is in a grafitti style, using a lot of huge paint splotches and layers. I really like the look of the girl inside the girl too.

This is the abandoned postcard look.  Arles calls it the murder mystery style.  I like the highlight a lot, but it does have that broody, dark quality which is lovely.