Sunday, June 23, 2013

Events - Sunday Digital Brunch

Events - Sunday Digital Brunch

I sat down this morning with my breakfast and watched the internet spiral by for a while as I usually do.  Keeping up with the unfolding disaster in Calgary, reading the news, both internet based and real world.  It's a quiet morning, one roommate already gone to work, the other isn't a morning person.  It's langourously sleepy, and for a while, I contemplate going back to taking a nap.

A twitter message pops up, some friends I made from Pax, gamers like me, who are scattered all over the continent.

I smirk, laugh, and then insert my own zany rebuttal.  Before I can even finish my tea, the comments and messages are flying fast, dozens of messages, we're roping other people into the conversation, all over twitter!  140 characters doesn't have anything on our reconnecting.  Jokes and snarks, more laughter, I'm wide awake.

It's like sunday brunch.  You know, when you get together with your friends or your family over a leisurely meal on sunday morning.  You have nowhere to be, and nothing to do, you just relax, and reconnect with one another.  Except we're separated by literally thousands of miles.  We're actually on opposite corners of the continent (somewhat).

But the internet, the speed of connection has made our worlds instantaneously hooked in.

We're just a bunch of friends having brunch (or lunch, or afternoon tea), connecting over laughs.

That's pretty awesome.