Saturday, November 19, 2016

Charity - Desert Bus 10

Charity - Desert Bus 10

Desert Bus 10 just ended. This year, we raised some 690 thousand dollars for children's hospitals, domestic violence shelters, and charity. The donations continue to trickle in, but for a week, it is important to think about making a concerted effort at bringing more light into the world. It's a dark time everywhere right now. We are plagued by an uncertain future, and concerns that what we understand to be ethically, morally forward thinking are perhaps not shared with our fellow denizens of the planet. But instead of hiding, instead of running away, it is important to stand up and do action to push further and higher.

Voting is one step to an engaged populace. Volunteering, which you can do any day, volunteering and donating money are conscious decisions you can make every day to ensure the world for tomorrow is a better place.

Alex gave a speech about doing more, about making choices and about being better human beings.

I'm linking it in below here.

I'm also linking in the Desert Bus Documentary. I hope it resonates with you the way it does me. Desert bus represents 8 years now of commitment I've had. For 8 years, about proving that humans can, should, and will do good things. I've never been really rich, this is the first year I've been able to donate three figures worth of money, but whatever the amount, giving anything is a demonstration. In a modern world that belabours the ideas of nihilism, a demonstration of charity is a striking action of ethical protest.

DB10 - Desert Bus Documentary Trailer