Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Life - Fort McMurray

Life - Fort McMurray

Garrett Shaw wrote this a few days ago.

As I sit here reflecting on the events of the last week, I'm remembering the last few moments I spent at my home. As the flames rushed toward our neighbourhood at overwhelming speed, and just as I was getting in the truck, this young woman came running toward me with her two children frantically screaming "Do you have room for two? Do you have room for two"?!
My truck was packed with animals and suitcases and I didn't have the room or the time to make it. I reached in my pocket without hesitation and handed a total stranger the keys to the $80,000 car sitting in my driveway. Her eyes fell flat as she explained she didn't know how to drive.
Of course that lady and her family made it out safely, but it was hours later before I realized she didn't ask me if I had room for three.
Happy Mother's Day.


It's hard to think that people are making tragedy into a partisan issue, but there you have it. For the rest of us, it's a survival issue, it's a life issue, it's a human issue.