Sunday, February 28, 2016

Thoughts - Reversing Diversity

Thoughts - Reversing Diversity

When someone responds to my posting that has the hastag #BlackLivesMatter, with their post of #AllLivesMatter...

I usually just block them immediately. Here's why. Because that person doesn't understand. They are replying to the intentionality that I have for a social plight with attempting to undermine mine. That's the problem. They are hoping to make one cause into every cause. But one cause isn't every cause. Every cause, whether it's LGBTQ, Suicide Prevention, Racial Discrimination, Sexism, or the myriad of other ways humans find ways to hate each other....requires different approaches.

Some of the steps we use to bring empathy to the 'other side' so to speak are common, but in many cases, the societal battles we fight for equality and justice are very different.

To conflate them into one thing, is to demean the struggles many of us have with our skin colour, our gender, our identity, our personal struggles, or our ethnicity or cultural heritage.

If you don't understand that, then the truth is that your understanding of plight is ignorant at best, and destructive at worst.