Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thoughts - Statistical Death

Thoughts - Statistical Death

I'm deeply uncomfortable with comparison discussions about tragedy and death. I'm uncomfortable because a person compares a tragedy in Kenya of 142 dead and implies that it is more tragic than a death of 129 in Paris. I'm uncomfortable because the discussion becomes a statistic then. Lives become numbers, names are no longer victims, but the tallies of bodies on a sheet. I'm uncomfortable because I don't want to have a discussion on the state of the world with people whom I have either no respect for, or have no interest in impressing.

The debate is cyclical in nature, and no one is listening. But those people are dead, and all anyone seems to care about are the numbers.

Not the names.

  • Nohemi Gonzalez, 23: A junior design student at Long Beach State University from El Monte, California, Gonzalez was studying abroad at Strate School of Design in Sevres, France. She was killed in a shooting outside of a restaurant.
  • Valentin Ribet, 26: A lawyer who studied at the London School of Economics, Ribet died at the Bataclan concert hall, the school said.
  • Djamila Houd, 41: Houd one of the French victims killed in the attacks, according to The Guardian. She was killed at the Bataclan.
  • Thomas Ayad, 34: Ayad is another French victim identified so far, according to The Guardian.He was also killed at the Bataclan. He worked for Universal Music France and played for a local amateur hockey team.
  • Marie Mosser, 24: An employee of Universal Music France, where she worked in communications and marketing, Mosser was killed at the Bataclan theater, CNN reports.
  • Manu Perez: Perez was the third employee of Universal Music France killed at the Bataclan theater, Newsweek reports. His girlfriend, Precilia Correia, was also killed at the concert hall.
  • Précilia Correia: Correia and her boyfriend, Manu Perez, were killed at the Bataclan theater.
  • Nick Alexander, 36: Alexander, of Colchester, Essex, England, was selling merchandise at the Eagles of Death Metal show at the Bataclan when he was killed, according to The Independent.
  • Lola Salines: Salines has been identified as one of the victims by her father, Georges Salines. She was killed at the Bataclan concert hall. She was a member of the La Boucherie de Paris roller derby team.
  • Juan Alberto González Garrido, 29: A Madrid native, he was killed at the Bataclan concert hall,according to Marca. He was at the Eagles of Death Metal show with his wife.
  • William B. Decherf, 43: Decherf was a French music journalist for the website InRocks, who was killed while at the Bataclan for the Eagles of Death Metal concert, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
  • Asta Diakite: Diakite was a cousin of French soccer player Lassana Diarra, who said on Twitter she was killed in the attacks. Diarra, who was playing with the French national team in Paris when the attacks occurred, said his cousin was like a sister to him.
  • Elodie Breuil, 23: Breuil’s brother, Alexis, told Time his sister was killed while watching the Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan. He said his sister was a design student.
  • Cedric Mauduit: Manduit was a local councilor in Calvados, France. He was at the Bataclan with friends when he was killed.
  • Mathieu Hoche: Hoche was a journalist for the France 24 news station, according to the BBC. A colleague tweeted that he is survived by a 6-year-old son.
  • Quentin Boulanger, 29: A Paris resident originally from Rheims, France, Boulanger was killed at the Bataclan theater, the BBC reports.
  • Mohamed Amine Benmbarek: A citizen of Morocco, Benmbarek was identified on Facebook by a relative. He was a newlywed, and his wife was also shot in the attacks. She is in critical condition, said Akram Benmbarek, Mohamed’s cousin.
  • Fabrice Dubois: The ad agency Publicis Conseil said one of its employees, Dubois, was killed at the Bataclan theater. He worked for the agency for 20 years and leaves behind a wife and children.
  • François-Xavier Prévost, 26: Prevost was killed at the Bataclan, La Voix Du Nord reports. He was at the concert hall with friends. He lived in Paris and was originally from Lambersart, France.
  • Milko Jozic, 47: Dogan was killed along with his girlfriend, Elif Dogan, according to LaMeuse.be.He lived with his girlfriend near the Bataclan. They had moved to Paris from their native country of Belgium in the past few months.
  • Elif Dogan: Dogan was living with her boyfriend, Milko Jozic, near the Bataclan. They had moved to Paris from Belgium recently, according to LaMeuse.be.
  • Elsa Delplace: Deplace and her mother, Patricia San Martin, of Chile, were killed at the Bataclan theater, her friend said on Twitter. Deplace and her mother were Chilean, but living in Paris. Her friend said Deplace had a 6-year-old daughter.
  • Patricia San Martin:San Martin was killed at the Bataclan theater along with her daughter, Elsa Delplace. She and her daughter were both natives of Chile living in Paris.
  • Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle:Valle was the third Chilean citizen killed in the attacks at the Bataclan, CNN reports. He was a musician living in Paris for the past eight years.
  • Mathias Dymarski: Dymarski, originally from Metz, France, had moved to Paris last Fall. He was killed at the Bataclan theater along with his girlfriend, Marie Lausch, Le Republican Lorrain reported.
  • Marie Lausch: Lausch moved to Paris from Metz, France, in September 2014 with her boyfriend, Mathias Dymarski. They were both killed at the Bataclan theater.
  • Aurélie de Peretti, 33: De Peretti was killed in the Bataclan theater, her sister told Time. She was from Saint Tropez, in the south of France, and loved music. She played the guitar and piano.
  • Halima Saadi, 34: Halima Saadi, and her sister, Houda, of Tunisia, were both killed at a restaurant where they were celebrating a friend’s birthday, News 24 reports. The sisters were living in France with their brother, who survived the attack.
  • Houda Saadi, 35: Houda Saadi was killed at a restaurant targeted by ISIS gunmen in Paris along with her sister Halima. The Tunisian women were living in France with their brother, who survived the attack. They were at the restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday.
  • Manuel Dias, 63: A Portuguese citizen, Dias moved to France 45 years ago, the Portuguese American Journal reports. He lived with his wife and children in France. His wife and children were in Portugal to obtain documents for his son’s upcoming wedding, the newspaper reported.
  • Justine Moulin, 23: Moulin was a student at SKEMA Business School in Paris, according to the Raleigh News & Observer. She was set to study at North Carolina State’s SKEMA Business School in the United States soon, her friends said at a gathering in Raleigh. “She was a wonderful person. She was always smiling. She wanted to travel the world,” Julie de Mélo, a student at the school’s Raleigh campus and one of Moulin’s best friends, told the News & Observer. “She was too young to die.” Moulin was killed while eating at Le Petit Cambodge, her favorite restaurant, when gunmen opened fire on the eatery.
  • Pierre Innocenti, 40: Innocenti died at the Bataclan. Hours before his death he posted a photo showing the sign advertising the concert to his Facebook page. He was the co-owner of the popular restaurant Chez Livio, with his brother. Their grandfather opened the restaurant in 1964, the newspaper says.
  • Matthieu Giroud, 39: A technology lecturer at Technical University of Marne-la-Vallée, Giroud was killed at the Bataclan theater, Le Parisien reports. He lived with his wife and 3-year-old son in Paris.
  • Thomas Duperron, 30: Duperron was the communications director for the La Maroquinerie concert hall. He was killed at the Bataclan theater, Les In Rocks reports.
  • Alban Denuit, 32: A teacher at Universite Bordeaux Maontaigne, Dentuit was killed at the Bataclan theater, the university said on Twitter.
  • Christophe Lellouche, 33: Lellouche a music and soccer fan known for posting on the sports website Offside, died at the Bataclan theater, according to Slate France.
  • Claire Camax, 35: The mother of two children, Camax died at the Bataclan, where she was attending the concert with her husband and friends, Libération reports. She was a graphic designer.
  • Romain Didier, 32: Didier died at a restaurant on Charonne Street along with his girlfriend, Lamia Mondeguer, El Mundo reports.
  • Lamia Mondeguer: Mondeguer died while eating at a restaurant with her boyfriend, Romain Didier, who was also killed.
  • Romain Dunay, 28: Dunay, a musician, died at the Bataclan theater while watching the Eagles of Death Metal show, his friend said on Twitter.
  • Valeria Solesin, 28: A doctorate student from Italy, Solesin was killed near the entrance to the Bataclan theater, while trying to enter, Reuters reports. She was set to finish her degree next year.
  • Anne Yves: Anne yves was killed along with her husband, Pierre, at the Bataclan theater, according to posts by friends and family on social media.
  • Pierre Yves: Pierre Yves was killed at the Bataclan theater with his wife, Anne. He was a sound engineer who was at the concert hall to watch the Eagles of Death Metal show with his wife.
  • Fanny Minot: An editor at Canal + Supplement, Minot died at the Bataclan theater, her colleague said on Twitter.
  • Quentin Mourier, 29: An architect who was a popular member of Paris’ urban farming community, Mourier was killed at the Bataclan, according to tributes posted on social media.
  • Germain Ferey, 36: Ferey was killed at the Bataclan theater, Ouest France reports. The native of Vienne-en-Bessin lived in Paris and worked as in audiovisual illustration.
  • Nicolas Classeau, 43: The director of Institut Universitaire de Technologie in Marne-la-Vallée, Classeau was killed at the Bataclan theater, Libération reports. He was a father of three, a rock fan and an amateur musician.
  • Ciprian Calciu, 32: Calciu was one of two Romanian citizens killed during the attacks, along with his girlfriend, Mariana Lacramiorara, EVZ reports. They met in Paris.
  • Mariana Lăcrămioara, 29: She died along with her boyfriend, Ciprian Calciu. She was born in Romania and moved to Paris. They had a child together and she also had a child from a previous relationship.
  • Maxime Bouffard, 26: A native of France living in Paris, Bouffard was killed at the Bataclan theater, Libération reports. He was a music lover and worked as a filmmaker.
  • Kheireddine Sahbi, 29: An Algerian citizen, Sahbi, who was studying music in Paris, was killed in the attacks, Chouf Chouf reports. He was a violinist. It’s not clear where he was killed.
  • Michelle Gil Jaimes: A native of Mexico who also held a Spanish passport, Jaimes was killed at a bar in Paris during the attacks, El Universal reports.