Sunday, March 22, 2015

Life - Watering On A Rainy Day

Life - Watering On A Rainy Day

I walked past a man on a rainy day in Vancouver. In and of itself not an unusual occurance. My arms laden with groceries, earbuds in and loud music playing..a kind of slow discordant soundtrack to my life.

It is raining, the slow fall of water from the sky, a cascade of glorious pitter patter on pavement and leaves.

A man stands out the front of his house, on cobbled stone steps. He wears shorts, and a shirt, sandals, and a vacancy in his eyes. In his right hand is a watering hose, and it is still. He waters the cobbles quietly, unmoving, The press of the hose does not move, he waters the same spot as I approach.

He is not aware of my slow approach.

I reach up and remove the headphones from one ear. Looking concerned, I ask.

Are you, alright sir?

A long moment, of stillness save for rain.

He turns to the sound of my voice, but doesn't look quite at me. As though restrained in movement, unable to fixate quite all the way.

I'm fine. I was just...somewhere else.

Like an old clockwork, he turns back to the vacant place he was before.  And again grows still.

I put my earphones back in, and walk down the street.

I guess we're all somewhere else.