Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gesture - Hug

Gesture - Hug

Do you know what a hug is?  It's a gesture profile of arms wrapped around another person.  It's near universal, every culture has variations, and it is practiced among all age groups, all demographics and across gendered lines?

Do you know what a hug is?  I give someone a hug when I don't know what else to say.  And I'm verbose.  I'm articulate.  Sometimes though, words fail, words fail to provide comfort, or understanding, or sympathy, or empathy.  Words fail.  Interpretations are hard, cadence and word selection don't always explain appropriately what I mean.  But a hug?

A hug says I know you exist.  I hear you.  I don't know what specifically to offer you, but I hear you, I hear you and I am here.  Right here, right now, you have my complete and full attention.  Say anything.  Do anything.  I'm here.  I'm holding on to you, I won't let you go until you need me to.

That's what a hug from me is.  I'm right here.  Right HERE.  Immediate.  Connected to you.