Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Play - Fluxx

Play - Fluxx

I once was taking care of a 7 year old, for like 15-20 minutes while her aunt cooked something in the kitchen. There was a Chinese checkers board, so we played that.

It wasn't feasible to play Chinese checkers properly, so I just let her dictate the rules. "Let's say you can jump like this". Okay fine. I followed the 'rules' and moved my marbles around the board according to her rules. I tried to get my marbles on the other end of the board, she just randomly moved the marbles around, sometimes playing my pieces.

Then she said "Lets throw the marbles at the board and try to get them to land in places". Okay, we did that for a while. So we did that. Then we made pictures with the marbles for a bit. I think even was able to add 'rules' of my own, like "bounce the marbles once before they land".

It was sort of an epiphany moment for me though. Because even though we played a lot of different games with the board, not once did we have a score, or a way to "Win". When kid's play with each other, they don't win or lose. They just play.

Don't play fluxx like it's a way to "beat" people, or even like it's a skill. Fluxx is a different sort of game. It's a Game that you just play. Bring to a restaurant with a friend. Have a conversation while you play. Don't try to win. Don't try to lose. Just play.

It's more like having a Frisbee or hacky sack with a circle of friends. No you don't get any points for doing tricks. There's no way to win. You can try to do tricks if you want. You can just pass it if you want. You can purposely throw the Frisbee poorly so your friend has to reach too far. You can try to land it on their head.


Play Fluxx like that.

Sometimes, for a bit, I might I try to make it so the rules are super complicated. Then maybe on a whim I'll make it simple. Then if I get bored I'll try to end the game. Or maybe I'll try to extend it. Maybe I'll try to get all food keepers. Maybe I'll try to get all the creepers. Maybe I'll try to give my friend all the creepers. Maybe I'll almost win, and then purposely not win.


It's just a way for you to interact with you're friends. Don't think too much about it. Don't try to win. Don't force anything. Just play.