Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Liminality of Death - Light

Liminality of Death - Light

My friend,

we … are going home

I close your eyes now

we are going. Home.


That's the end of the writing for Liminality.

The lovely Elena Porter is now taking this work of writing I've done and providing the voice-over work.  I adore her dearly and cannot thank her interest and dedication enough.  When it's done I'll hopefully share it with all of you readers out there.

I hope you've enjoyed this week of postings.  I got asked last week about why I always make such dismal games.  I mean, disability, decay, death, depression (there's a lot of D's here), Pain, suffering, weakness.

These are common themes to my design, not because I think I'm bleak, (I really don't think I am) but rather because I think humans in moments of acute suffering are opportunities for human triumph.  Bear with me.  There is something fundamentally profound to that moment of darkness, that the mind, the emotions I find slide one of two ways.  Further into darkness, and different opportunities, or towards light and hope.  It might be naive to think about it in such simple terms, but I adore those moments, the moments of profound culpability in personal change.

I designed, and wrote Liminality based on the Bardo Thodol because I wanted to look closer at the things that make death scary, and make them not scary.

When the design is done and the prototype is ready, I hope to post it to my portfolio for free so people can maybe share in that journey with me.  Maybe you'll not think it too scary either.

That's my hope.  Death is a step, and only one.