Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life - Last Priority

Life - Last Priority

Here's the truth, if you treat other people like they're always your last priority?  You know the "Yeah if I don't have anything else I'll consider it..." the "Sure maybe, I'll think about it."

Eventually people catch on.  I'm not the sharpest social knife in the drawer, but I'm tired of being taken advantage of.  I think I cook a pretty damn good meal, and am a fun host.  I haven't had thanksgiving with my own family in 9 years.  Every year I try and have a little slice of thanksgiving for my friends who are without homes to go to, without family to make them a good home cooked meal, the orphans of the city where we are, us artists who can't afford sometimes to make a real meal.

I don't have to do this.  I don't at all, I get that.  But it makes me so angry when I'm the lowest priority on the totem pole for people.  The fallback.  The noncommital.  If we have nothing else to do, we can always join Lester's.

Well fuck you.

Thanksgiving is cancelled.  No turkey for anyone.