Saturday, February 9, 2013

UDK - Cloudfight

UDK - Cloudfight

Just posting some updates on my newest map, UDK - VCTF Cloudfight.

It's a capture the flag map between two massive towers where span bridges provide access to the opposing team bases.  Lots of jumping around, flying through the air and wide open spaces for fighting in.

Early Screenshot with a handful of preliminary textures laid down.  Go OSC!  Return that Red Flag!

View from Red Spawn, ignore the texture under my feet which hasn't been properly painted in yet...

Just a quick view from the very top tower where the fog is much thicker.  Both bases have a position like this.

A quick temporary update view with the glass put in that surrounds the level.  The backing texture isn't in this shot yet so that's why everything looks super luminous.  Once the backing texture goes in, I hope it will darken down appropriately.

Updates to keep coming...