Thursday, December 27, 2012

Life - What Gamers Want

Life - What Gamers Want

Endymion86 on Reddit today wrote a neat piece that I thought I'd share here.

The One Thing That All Gamers Want...

...more than anything, is time.

Money? Sure, that'd be great.

Gifts of games? Awesome.

A girlfriend? Hell yeah.

We get home from our 9-5 job, or from classes at college; household chores are done, bills are paid, dinner is prepared, and finally, FINALLY, our time has come. We finally have a chance to sit down and turn on our battlestation, hear that wonderful little "boo-beep!" noise when our 360 lights up, or the melodious tones of the PS3's cross media bar, and our hearts that have grown cold from the harsh reality outside begin to warm up just a tad.

An hour goes by, maybe two, but then you look at that clock and realize you have to sleep, and get ready for the next day. There's that feeling again - like you've been robbed of your time. How is it possible that it's already 11:00 PM? It just doesn't feel right, or fair. It's time to start that endless cycle all over again.

Some of us have four hours a day, and the chronological freedom to work on that Steam library that keeps growing and growing. Some of us have only twenty minutes to lose ourselves in the universe of that $5 bargain bin game that's four years old, because we had just enough left over from our last paycheck. It's wonderful, either way.
So no matter how much time you have...

...appreciate it.

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