Sunday, July 22, 2012

Painting - Good Women Hue Study

For my colour theory class, I am working on doing a hue study.  Taking a photograph, reducing it to 9 hues and then painting the shaded declinations of such.  It's pretty interesting, albeit I immediately wanted to do a Good Woman piece and the difficulty of painting such fine details is almost inarticulate.  Also Alida, your hair is exhausting to sketch out.

Just sayin'.

Anyway this is ongoing this week, I'll post more as I finish sections.

 This one is the initial trace sketch, with just a little bit of black painted in the corner (because I forgot to take the picture before I started with the black.

This one is with the black shadow areas filled in.

The finished painting, the light makes it look pretty wonky and it's much darker than it seems....but oh well.  The painting was supposed to be split in half with one side in grey scale, and the other in a single hue (in this case blue). 

Here's the original photo by Marc Chalifoux here: