Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life - My Life Is G

Life - My Life Is G

Today was amazing, a quick summary of things to remember for the rest of my life that happened on this day.

I slept in, had a wonderful morning, did tai chi in a field in New Mexico.

Made myself an amazing sandwich.

Worked a great show, hung out with a ton of great artists and was spot on for performance.

Caught a ride super fast to another theatre with a console under my arm, turned a space around from an improv show to the Reptillian Lounge in under 30 minutes, people running around, jumping over chairs, chatting and flying to get things together.

Reptillian Lounge at the Box.  An amazing evening of laughs, inside jokes, wisecracking and enjoyments.  Coerced by my peers into performing a small excerpt of my newest script, which was a tremendous hit.  Lots of love from everyone, hung out and chatted with so many friends...showed my Canadian constitution by chilling outside in the -5 degree weather with friends in a sleeveless shirt and duster.

Went to Tricklock to play 3 great games of Tricklock Ball...definitely beaned Jenny right after she dared me to, and also headshot Davey.  Karma is painful though, also slammed myself in the head off a wall.

Got dropped by Casey, had an amazing round of laughs and a lot of stories were told, many many enjoyable moments.

Got home, it's 4 am.  I love life.